How to choose CNC machine


At the beginning of the article, we will first understand what a CNC machine tool is. Before the actual processing of CNC machine tools, CAD software will be used to make drawings for computer-aided design, and then CAM software will be used to simulate the whole processing process. After everything is confirmed, the programmed processing program is imported into the CNC machine tool, the workpiece is installed, the protective hatch is closed, and then as long as the CNC machine tool for automatic processing, you can get the parts you want. With the development of social technology, CNC equipment is now full of beautiful things in eyes, so how should enterprises choose both economic and suitable for their own CNC equipment?

1. Choosing which parts to process is the first step in choosing equipment;

2. Process specification design of typical parts family;

3. Selection of main features and specifications of CNC machine tools;

4. Selection of machine tool accuracy;

5. Selection of numerical control system;

6. Selection and configuration of automatic tool changing equipment (ATC), automatic tool changing table (APC) and tool handle;

7. Selection of machine tool functions and accessories;

8. Technical services.

In a word, in order to choose the right CNC machine tools, we must pay attention to the construction of technical team, pay attention to the quality of workers, so as to make the CNC go further.