The classification and working principle of the dispensing valve

1, the spool dispensing valve

Spool valve is suitable for high viscosity fluid cream, syrup and gel. For high viscosity fluid, spool valve must run under high pressure. This kind of adhesive with back to the suction valve function.

Spool valve applies to line applications. Under the automatic control of particular, spool valve can along the sealing ring track crossed dispensing.

2, lift the dispensing valve

Ascension and spool valves are similar, such as back absorption function. But lift valve is suitable for low viscosity fluid, and the quantity of glue can have smaller than the spool valve control.

3, clamp tube type dispensing valve

Because with may throw type wet parts, pipe valve is suitable for solvent corrosive fluid. Under the clip pipe control valve can be medium accuracy, repeatable sizing operation. Clip pipe valves are normally used for a two-component mixed fluid and instant dry glue application materials. Clip pipe, within a prescribed period of time must be replaced, but its replacement cost is low.

4, the volumetric dispensing valve

Volume valve for high precision trace sizing operation. Volume valve is divided into two categories, pneumatic and electric control valves, electric control valve is also called spiral valve. According to the fluid viscosity and the quantity of glue required, use one of these two types. Compared with the spiral valve, pneumatic valve operational lower viscosity fluid. Pneumatic valve at the same time the price also is low.

5, and spray the dispensing valve
Spray valves are best suited for low viscosity fluid, especially fluid viscosity is less than 1000 CPS. The viscosity of water is 1 CPS, and mustard sauce's viscosity is around 200000 CPS. If you want to choose a suitable spray valve, consider to the rubber valve own jet Angle and control module. Control module to ensure that the fluid in front of the jet atomization, and after the injection, and can quickly restore the original state, it can prevent fluid within the valve block. The spray valve used for anti-corrosion paint coating fluid type.

6, the needle valve

Because of the liquid has a strong maneuverability, needle valve is suitable for a variety of one-component fluids, used for miniature glue more glue application. This kind of rubber valve generally adjustable, can operate under high voltage non-filled with high viscosity fluid. Needle valve operating duration, so it is suitable for low to medium viscosity fluid line glue application. Needle valve has an installation in wet cavity and the valve needle between moving parts. The needle valve can be replaced, if so, can according to the number of needle valve movement and make maintenance plan. Needle valve should not be used for grinding fluid, in case of blocking channel in the valve.

7, diaphragm type dispensing valve

The diaphragm valve is used to glue application of adjustable, high frequency, suitable for many of the low viscosity of fluid, such as glue, solvents and abrasive materials. Diaphragm valve of portable and easy to maintain.

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